About Us.

What 3D Crystal Engraving Means to Us

Since the dawn of existence, humans have been inventing ways to preserve important moments against the ravaging force of time. Stone Age nostalgics produced cave drawings to commemorate their awesome hunting trips. Renaissance nobles commissioned lavish oil portraits to establish their legacy and show off their stylish outfits. Throughout history, almost every artistic enterprise has focused on one simple goal: making memories last.

Nothing has answered this task quite like photography. It gives us the ability to freeze moments in time so that we can relive them again and again. Digital photography has changed the game completely. Since we’re able to store hundreds of photos on various devices and share them through social media, we never have to worry about them getting damaged or fading over time. 

There’s just one downside. We’re taking more pictures than ever, but digital photography is an intangible medium. It allows us to look but not touch. 

That’s where we come in. Say hello to the Personalized 3D Photo Crystal

What’s a 3D Photo Crystal? We’re so glad you asked. It’s the most innovative way to preserve and display a physical version of your favorite photo. 123-WOW®  3D merges digital technology and quality craftsmanship to create detailed 2D or 3D laser engravings inside long-lasting crystal keepsakes. Our products not only protect your photos from damage but turn them into beautiful 3D art. Simply put, we make captured memories last forever. 

We didn’t invent crystal art. We perfected it. 

What sets us apart from the rest is that we don’t just pop a product into an engraving machine and pull it out when it’s done. There’s a detailed creative process that goes into every custom crystal we make. We pride ourselves on bringing together top-notch designers, cutting edge technology, and outside-the-box thinking to produce incredible 3D art. Are we geniuses? Maybe. Dedicated? 1000% The bottom line is that when you buy a personalized photo crystal from 123-WOW®  3D, you’re getting a custom showpiece made by artists and technicians who care. 

Looking for unique gift ideas? You’re talking to the experts. 

At 123-WOW®  3D, we know a thing or two about picking out the perfect gift, and we’ve designed our personalized crystals with that in mind. We want to make it easy for you to create a custom gift for every birthday, graduation, and anniversary that comes your way. Our online personalization process is simple and convenient, leaving you free to focus more energy on spending these important occasions with your loved ones. 

We want to share our gift-giving expertise with you, too! Check out our blog for unique gift ideas and helpful advice. 

We are people. 

We’re not just a business that offers efficient service and an amazing product. I mean, we are that, but we’re also people. Our job titles may vary from graphic designer to production technician to customer representative, but we all have one common objective: to make your experience at 123-WOW®  3D the best it can be. Our entire team is here for you from the moment you start personalizing your crystal to the moment it arrives. 
Consider this website a digital extension of ourselves, committed to helping you create the perfect 3D crystal even when we’re not here. Any questions? Visit our FAQ page or drop us a line here.